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2011 Presentations

All presentations are from the DOE 2011 Vehicle Technologies Program Annual Merit Review.
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Project ID Title Affiliation PI/Contact Point
ES014 Overview and Progress of the Applied Battery Research (ABR) Activity DOE Peter Faguy
ES015 Engineering of High Energy Cathode Materials ANL Khalil Amine
ES016 New High Energy Gradient Concentration Cathode Material ANL Khalil Amine
ES017 Design and Evaluation of Novel High Capacity Cathode Materials ANL Christopher Johnson
ES018 Evaluation of Li2MnSiO4 Cathode ANL Ilias Belharouak
ES019 Development of High-Capacity Cathode Materials with Integrated Structures ANL Sun-Ho Kang
ES020 Developing High Capacity, Long Life Anodes ANL Khalil Amine
ES022 Develop Improved Methods for Making Intermetallic Anodes ANL Andrew Jansen
ES023 Novel Electrolytes and Additives for PHEV Applications ANL Dan Abraham
ES024 High Voltage Electrolytes for Li-ion Batteries ARL Richard Jow
ES025 Advanced Electrolyte Additives for PHEV/EV Lithium-ion Battery ANL Zhengcheng Zhang
ES026 Development of Novel Electrolytes for Use in High Energy Lithium-Ion Batteries with Wide Operating Temperature Range JPL Marshall Smart
ES027 Novel Phosphazene Compounds for Enhancing Electrolyte Stability and Safety of Lithium-ion Cells INL Kevin Gering
ES028 Screening of Electrode Materials & Cell Chemistries and Streamlining Optimization of Electrodes ANL Wenquan Lu
ES029 Scale-up and Testing of Advanced Materials from the BATT Program LBNL Vince Battaglia
ES030 Fabricate PHEV Cells for Testing & Diagnostics ANL Andrew Jansen
ES031 Electrochemistry Cell Model ANL Dennis Dees
ES032 Diagnostic Studies on Li-Battery Cells and Cell Components ANL Dan Abraham
ES033 Electrochemistry Diagnostics of Baseline and New Materials LBNL Robert Kostecki
ES034 Diagnostic Studies to Improve Abuse Tolerance and Life of Li-ion Batteries BNL Xiao-Qing Yang
ES035 Develop and Evaluate Materials and Additives that Enhance Thermal and Overcharge Abuse ANL Khalil Amine
ES036 Evaluation of Abuse Tolerance Improvements SNL Chris Orendorff
ES037 Overcharge Protection for PHEV Batteries LBNL Guoying Chen
ES038 High Energy Density Ultracapacitors NAVSEA Patricia Smith
ES039 In-situ characterization and diagnostics of mechanical degradation in electrodes ORNL Claus Daniel
ES096 Diagnostic Testing and Analysis Toward Understanding Aging Mechanisms and Related Path Dependence INL Kevin Gering
ES111 PHEV Battery ANL Kevin Gallagher
ES112 Mechanism of LTO Gassing and Potential Solutions ANL Khalil Amine
ES113 High Voltage Electrolyte for Lithium Batteries ANL Zhengcheng Zhang
ES114 Spherical carbon anodes fabricated by autogenic reactions ANL Michael Thackeray
ES115 Novel Composite Cathode Structures ANL Christopher Johnson
ARRAVT075 Prototype Cell Fabrication Facility ANL Andrew Jansen
ARRAVT076 Materials Scale-Up Facility ANL Greg Krumdick
ARRAVT077 Post-Test Facility At Argonne ANL Ira Bloom

February 2012

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