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ANL Voltage Fade in the LMR-NMC Materials Anthony Burrell
ANL Process Development and Scale up of Advanced Cathode Materials Gregory Krumdick
ANL Process Development and Scale up of Advanced Electrolyte Materials Gregory Krumdick
ARL High Voltage Electrolytes for Li-ion Batteries Kang Xu and Richard Jow
JPL Electrolytes for Use in High Energy Li-Ion Batteries with Wide Operating Temperature Range Marshall Smart
INL Novel Phosphazene Compounds for Enhancing Electrolyte Stability and Safety of Lithium-ion Cells Kevin Gering
LBNL Scale-up and Testing of Advanced Materials from the BATT Program Vincent Battaglia
ORNL Overcoming Processing Cost Barriers of High Performance Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes David Wood
NREL Development of Industrially Viable Battery Electrode Coatings Robert Tenent
NREL Evaluate ALD Coatings of LGCPI Cathode Materials and Electrodes Shriram Santhanagopalan
ANL Cell Fabrication Facility Team Production and Research Activities Andrew Jansen
LBNL Strategies to Enable the Use of High-Voltage Cathodes and Diagnostic Evaluation of ABRT Program Lithium Battery Chemistries Robert Kostecki
BNL Life and Abuse Tolerance Diagnostic Studies for High Energy Density PHEV Batteries Xiao-Qing Yang
ORNL Roll-to-Roll Electrode Processing NDE and Materials Characterization for Advanced Lithium Secondary Batteries David Wood
SNL Abuse Tolerance Improvements Chris Orendorff
LBNL Overcharge Protection for PHEV Batteries Guoying Chen

April 2013

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